HDTS 4 (2004)
October 23, 2004 - October 24, 2004
Roxanne Bartlett
Pentti Monkkonen
Mungo Thomson
Alex Slade
Jasmine Little
Feral Childe
David Dodge
Christy Gast
Fabienne Lasserre
Kathleen Johnson
Linda Taalman
Christy Gast
Fabricated of silicon-coated ripstop nylon, Left Mitten is decked out like a Country and Western performer, replete with fringe, appliqué, and embroidery. Country and Western costuming as a craft was perfected Nudie’s Rodeo Tailo, among others, to outfit Hollywood's singing cowboys and Grand Ole Opry style performers. The style came to represent the Wild West and the rural, not by mimicking the existing styles of those regions, but by creating a stage-ready amalgamation of immigrant and Native American traditions.
Joel Kyack
Skylar Haskard
Rainer Ganahl
Justin Samson
Muffy Brandt
John Brinton Hogan
Ted Quinn
Radio Free Joshua Tree (formerly 'Peacenik at the Beatnik') was webcast weekly from the Beatnik Cafe (now the Red Arrow Gallery) from 2004 to 2006, by musician/cultural activist Ted Quinn. A High Desert Test Sites Episode featured several HDTS artists, plus interviews with Noah Purifoy, musician Fred Drake and work by performance artist Elia Arce. Quinn now hosts a local music show on the airwaves at Z107 7 fm, Joshua Tree, Sundays 4-6pm (also podcast on iTunes.)
Chuck Moffit
Ingram Ober
Eames Demetrios
Lisa Anne Auerbach
Kristen Botshekan
Jack Pierson
Eddie Ruscha
The Cake Society
Shannon Ebner
Bettina Hubby