HDTS 2 (2003)
May 24, 2003 - May 25, 2003
Adrian Meier-Dentzel
Danielle Rubi
Joseph Heidebrecht
Josh Beckman
Linn Edwards
Mark Sgarzi
Nat Russell
Scott Melcher
Simone Rubi
F. Mathias Lorenz
Kate Costello
Michael Phelan
Jim Drain
Giovanni Jance
Allen Compton

In looking at potential sites for an installation in Joshua Tree, Allen Compton was taken by the darkness he experienced his first night there. With the landscape only barely visible, he found it difficult to understand his physical relationship to the shapes that he could see. This space created by the darkness vacillated between the forms that he recalled seeing during the daytime, a completely flat silhouette, and a void. It was this ambiguous experience between knowing and projecting that Allen wished to explore with the light installationHillside as Darkness.

Craig Kalpakjian
Leo Villareal

The Sephirothic Tree of Life, primary symbol of the Cabalah, is based on esoteric knowledge brought out of Egypt by Moses. Passed on through the centuries, the Tree of Life serves as a connection between the physical and spiritual universes, demonstrating the flow of forces down from the Divine to the lowest world and back again. The "Joshua" Tree was so named by Mormon pioneers because it mimicked the Old Testament prophet Joshua waving them on towards the promised land. In its incarnation for HDTS, the Tree of Life appears as a sequenced light sculpture.

Christy Gast
Fabienne Lasserre
Kahty Chenoweth

Kahty Chenoweth’s Personal Space Wear (PSW) are stretchy colorful fabric forms that are worn by one or more viewers.  Once referred to as "shared domicilic underwear", they behave a little like architecture, and a little like clothing. The forms are a people-powered vehicle for viewers to be participants and become the art. From inside, PSW offers a colorful bubble of private space, with peepholes for surveying the land and onlookers. From outside, the forms display a dancing bauble with multiple legs. At night they become jewels in the darkness lit by the party inside.

Tao Urban
Greg Gilday
Dave Hopkins
Hal McFeely
Michael Stewart
Russel Whitten
Jedediah Caesar
Jeff Reed
Justin Beal
Wade Guyton
Tony Just
Hal McFeely
Raymond Pettibon
Jack Pierson
Elizabeth Peyton